30 December 2012


I went all out on the background for this one. Happy with the letters too. Gonna work from these letters on fill and background.


28 December 2012


New prisma markers and some new style. Will be working around these shapes for a while i think.


10 December 2012


HANDS! The pencil ones came out really shitty because the light in my room sucks but hopefully you can make out the details a little.


2 December 2012


Fizzy melon soda. Sometimes i get time to write some letters and these days im trying to keep the colours flowing, got kinda caught up in outline obsession. First 3D in a while too so if some spots are off or forgotten, well, shit happens.


27 November 2012


Today i did this... among other things



Some new ideas, think it came out pretty well. Need to think bigger with colours and background.


26 November 2012


This week is a graffiti rethink, some explosive painting and lots of hands. Technically its not all this week but wtvr. Pleased for the most part but i know i have better in me. waiting for the day when im thinking more along the lines of composition and what i want to convey rather than just drawing correctly. Its a long way off but thats goal number 1.

Probably gonna start breaking these posts into categories rather than one big bulk post as its easier to index and search.


25 November 2012

Artist Spotlight - James Jean

James Jean is a artist of rare talent, a favourite of mine that i rediscovered in the last week or so. His work is clean and clear, images of every variety but especially skilled in figurative and detail work. To show one picture would not be fair at all and to show two pictures is still an injustice to this thrilling and awe inspiring artist. Please take the time to click the link below and check out their personal site. I especially enjoy the sketch work.


22 November 2012


New stuff im messing around with. Should be seeing more progress into this type of thing soon... When i get some free time.


9 November 2012

Artist Spotlight - ARYZ

An artist that recently blew my mind is the above mentioned ARYZ. Combining external skeletons with rubbery limbs and complex themes, often painted over huge walls of apartment blocks etc. ARYZ has everything you need when it comes to creating interesting original characters and is most definately a force to be reckoned with in the graffiti scene. Please check out their website and enjoy a variety of works from this highly skilled artist.


8 November 2012


All sorts of stuff. Hands, graffiti, characters. One of the hands is unfinished but i thought it was good enough to post.


28 October 2012


Exchange practice. I dont know why but im hung up on this blue on blue combo... maybe its because my pink has run out...

23 October 2012


Finished things, unfinished things, still life and so on... trying to get the blog going again.


21 May 2012

She Writes Like An Angel

Still figuring this whole tablet thing out.


13 May 2012


I bought a graphics tablet. Expect more.


13 April 2012


Lots of stuff, some good, some not so good. Flick through of last book to follow.


31 March 2012


So i decided that after doing more complicated pieces it was time to try my hand at simple swagger again and i must say, to my suprise, i have improved more than i realised. Blockbusters are easy to do but doing this kind of stylish comic book simple has always been hard for me, its subtle so there is no definite answer. But! I must admit i am very pleased with how these came out, especially as i only used pen to sketch and quickly colour, no pencil whatsoever. Makes me think back to those early days where you doubt your letter choices, thinking its the fault of the letters, it isnt, its your own lack of skill. I cant remember which writer said it but "you make the letters work for you".