22 April 2010

Artist Spotlight - Audrey Kawasaki

Audrey Kawasaki paints ladies (mostly) on wood. The sort of gorgeous women that drift etherially through your dreams. Check her out, she has a very special talent.

18 April 2010

Random Photos

A couple pictures i felt had some artistic merit and were mostly in focus.


13 April 2010

Rats For Candy

A picture inspired by the song "Rats and Rats and Rats for Candy" by The Blood Brothers.

12 April 2010

Oil Paint - Orange and Tumbler

A couple of oil paintings i did a little while ago. It was the first time i used oil so i wanted to do some simple still life stuff. I planned on coming back to these once they dried to put in more detail but it hasn't happened yet so...

The glass is upside down by the way, im not sure why i rotated this but i did so ye, enjoi.


7 April 2010

Dream Comic - Page 1

Page one of a comic im drawing. Its loosely based on a dream i had and will hopefully have more closure when its done. The style is basic by purpose and is inspired by the work of Taiyo Matsumoto.

Next page might be a while but wil see how things pan out.


Click for a closer look (essential).

6 April 2010

Artist Spotlight - Kehinde Wiley

An amazing human artist. He has an astonishing grasp on colour and form, there isn't really much i can say that would do his skills any justice so please check him out for your own sake.

5 April 2010

Hokusai Lantern

A hokusai inspired ghost lantern i sketched up.


Click for zoom.