31 October 2010

Graf Sketches - 0010

Messing with some chunkiness. The middle and bottom were a little poorly planned as i couldnt quite fit everything on the page... Sh*t happens i suppose.


28 October 2010

Graf Sketches - 0009

Im not massively pleased with the orange one at the top, was getting a little too stiff with the letters so i changed up my shapes a bit.

More to come as always!


27 October 2010

26 October 2010

Graf Sketches - 0007

Decided im gonna start posting the thumbnails bigger. Im not sure i should call these practice, just more sketch designs.


25 October 2010

We'll Never Pay The Ransom

Pencil on some paper i kinda washed in a wierd ink that i had to clean out of a pen of mine. I think i acheived some kind of effect but i was honestly just winging it trying something different.

I think this may be a self portrait.

I still have plans for at least another one of these type things.


24 October 2010


Part of an ongoing series i felt like doing. Named it ping for shits and giggles. Expect more.

18 October 2010

Sketch Theatre - Sketch To Win - Haunted House

My submission to this months sketch theatre competition. That is if the forum stops fucking around and lets me upload it. Theme was haunted house. Enjoi.


16 October 2010

Graf Sketches - 0006

Bleurgh, this is where i hit the wall. Need to take a step back and rethink.


15 October 2010

Graf Sketches - 0005

Things need tweaking. Practice practice practice.


11 October 2010

Graf Sketches - 0002

Your gonna get bored of seeing these letters.


Graf Sketches - 0001

Been working on my simple letter shapes for a while and they are finally starting to look halfway decent.

Gonna start numbering them from here onwards.