25 September 2011


What i have been up to since moving to Japan.


13 September 2011

Blackbook - September 2001

My latest blackbook. Finished in under a month this time.


7 September 2011

5 September 2011

Scripture - Entropy Resistant

One day life will rise against extravagance and sing a glorious dawn song of fervour for the active and creative.

We will shy away from grudges and gossip in a movement that will destroy each and every single "god" and their heaven.

I believe, and so should you, in the infinite, undying, entropy resistant will of the human psyche.

Live for progress and never stop for the homogeneous mass that the media would have you endear your heart to.

Assume lies and live for clarity.

Always search for the impossible perfect truth.

Die a brother among men rather than a monster above victims.