26 February 2010

Zombie Muffin


Looks edible to me...

I especially like how the razor blade came out. I would have liked to give the green icing a shiny texture but i wasnt really sure what i was doing at that point in time.

Pen and colour pen.

Click for a detail shot.

25 February 2010

Stll Life - Pencil Sharpener


A somewhat better attempt at a still life but still lacking those really deep tones i so adore now, we all have to start somewhere and this was a big accomplishment for me at the time.


Click for a closer look.

24 February 2010

Tentacle and Diamond


Zebra print tentacle and massiff diamon ring, complete with pink suckers and skull bubbles, zoom for a good look at those bad boys.

Part of a tattoo i want to get when tattooing my neck isnt a life threateningly big deal.

Pen, colour pens, a little bit of pencil, tentacle fetish.

Click for a closer look.

Artist Spotlight - Greg "Craola" Simkins

Now this guy is an absolute bastard, if i was actually good at art this is how i would draw.

Graffiti, ink work and acrylic, pretty much a master of all 3.


23 February 2010

Still Life - Lemon Slice


A bolder approach to still life yet the tone in line is nonexistant here which gives a somewhat "comic" and flat effect. Still overall not too bad, at the very least its bolder.

Pencil and colour pencil.

Click for a zesty zoom shot.

22 February 2010

3D Glasses


Some third dimensional glaziers to viddy a special devotchka maybe. A little bit of perspektive work, sadly the lines arent perfect. 3D glasses make me happy.

Pen and colour pen.

Click for a 2D Close up.

21 February 2010

Still Life - Lemon

Terribly light touch on this one, its barely visible. Its all a learning curve and seeing stuff that i once thought was good turn bad is a sure sign of progress.

Pencil and colour pencil.

Click for a whispy close up...

20 February 2010

Still Life - Banana


Two halves of the same banana. I like how the bottom half came out. However, still suffering from my light touch complex.

Pencil and colour pencil.

Click to enlarge.

19 February 2010

Still Life - Tangerine


Its exactly what it looks like.

Pencil and colour pencil.
Not my best.

17 February 2010

Artist Spotlight - Josh Keyes

Now this guy completely blew me away when i first stumbled upon him out in the neto. He has been featured in Hi-Fructose and very recently in Juxtapoz.

He draws animals mostly in a strange surreal world that draws heavily on a subdued environmental commentary.

Just check him out, hes awesome.

16 February 2010

Still Life - Apple


This one kinda speaks for itself. I had a little bit of a light touch while i was starting out on these still-life pictures, tonal balance is an ongoing battle.

Pencil and colour pencil.

15 February 2010

Still Life - Walnut


This is a walnut... lol. The first of many still life pictures i used as practice for shape and shading. I learned a great deal from drawing these upcoming images and hopefully a gradual improvement is evident too.

Pencil with a touch of colour pencil.

Click for a closer look.

14 February 2010

Lazy Sunday...

Too hungover for anything special today so i thought i would share this cool animation.


13 February 2010

Octopuss + Anchor


More tattoo flash from the net, DeviantArt to be exact. They have some great art on there so go have a look around. My poetry account is there too at link so check that out if you feel inclined.

Pencil, colour pencil and pen.

This one started a little obsession with tentacles for me but who doesn't have a thing for tentacles right??

Click = Big

12 February 2010



Some sort of sugar skulls i copied off the neto. Tattoo flash type thingdoo.

Pencil and pen.

Click -> Zoom. 

11 February 2010


Well well well, this looks more recent! Did this last year sometime whilst going through a tattoo drawing phase. This is the beginning of my ongoing effort to "draw good an stuff".

Pen and colour pencil, derwent ones usually.

More to come, click for bigness.

10 February 2010

Light Yagami

This is a maniacal picture of Light Yagami from Deathnote... Yes deathnote...

Non-sensical japanese esque shapes i made up before i actually started learning japanese, yes its old and no i never did finish deathnote, it all became a little... you know.


Thats the last of the manganime for a while, relief ensues.

9 February 2010

Artist Spotlight - Jennybird

Thought i would start posting links to artists i find around the neto as a point of interest and inspiration.

Had some disheartening news from UCA today so lets start with a real cheery gal!


Surreal animals in a fairytale gone wrong playing just beyond the static of your tv set, need i say more??

8 February 2010

Peacemaker Kurogane

Copied from the manga Peacemaker Kurogane. Not an amazing manga but i quite enjoyed it, otherwise why would i have copied this from it??

Pencil on the old A5.

Click 4 bigness.

7 February 2010

Brain Doodle

This is a photo of a doodle i did in a time when i was not so much myself as i am myself now lol?

Its A3 so it wouldnt fit in my inadequate scanner...


Now that the doodles are out of the way we can move onto things that are less doodle-like in nature.

Click > Big

Kinging Chaos


I think this is the oldest picture i have done that is still in my posession... At the very least its the first crazy doodle thing i ever did.

I think the overall effect is good but in reality there isnt that much going on here, maybe im being self critical lol. Only one more doodle to go now.

Pencil, A4.

Click for close up. 

5 February 2010

Doodle Addiction


I was a little addicted to doodling way back when, i guess the reason being is that i couldnt draw very well at this point. These always seemed to come out good so i suppose thats why i did so many lol. You wish this was the last one... In reality i only have another 2 to upload and they are much bigger O__O might have to change the format because BMP is massive... about 20Mb or so, thats a tad excessive for a doodle.

All done in pencil in my trusty A5 sketchbook.

Click = zoom.

3 February 2010

Artist Doll + Doodle

A still life! Wow!!...

Maybe not so wow, more like C3PO... Plus added doodle beacause i have ALOT of old stuff to get through -__-

S'all good, s'all pencil and click for detail.